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I have been trying to find out about the Old Yew Tree in Dreenan (Priest's tree)  in The Island, as mentioned in the O.S. Memoirs of Maghera, near the site of an old mass rock. Legend has it that during the penal times there was a priest executed by hanging from one of it's branches. If anyone can add more details to this
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04 Dec 2007

Hi i have just seen a post on your page from my uncle  Andy Convery. I was just wanting to know how far back you can trace the Convery family.
Kirsty Convey

Tracing into the eighteenth century is not easy but I have heard of references to the surname Convery and Saint Columcille in the sixth century.


04 Dec 2007

I may have some information relating to the Slammon family in Culnagrew and would like to make contact with Tim Slamon who posted a query on this site.
Gabriel O' Kane



03 Dec 2007

Hi William, I've been reading your site since 2003 and it gave me my first boost in finding my ancestors. My great grandmother Rose Hamill was from Dreenan and came to the US 1900.Her parents were William and Mary Hamill and lived on what was Hamill's Hill and is now Causin Hill. She was born in 1884 and even though I have found baptism records for her siblings at Lavey Parish I have not been able to locate her records. There are also no records for the burial of her parents, was their another parish she may have been baptised in or another cemetery were they might have been buried? I know there were two Hamill brothers that lived on the hill and I am a descendant of one and that there is a descendant of the other still living on the property, Gerry Hamill. Thank you for all the help your site has been to me and will continue to be.
Jack Barnes



01 Dec 2007

love the site. I do some local research and have some references for your area in Public Record Office NI. You may be interested in documents which detail every house townland by townland, each room, flooring, stove, water, roof etc. If so get back to me. I live in south Armagh and make 'townland histories' some of which are on display in AN Carn Siopa, Tirkane, Maghera.
Pauline Loughran



27 Sep 2007

Hi William,
My name is Jeffrey Convery.  I can across your name and email on dreenan.com.  You have a lot of good information on there and I hoping you may be able to provide me some Convery history.  I have been doing family history for a couple months now, but my family (on the Convery side) does not know much as my Grandfather John Convery (born 1918 and still alive!) never knew his father (Francis Convery born 1889) because Francis died in 1919 when my grandfather John was 6 months old.  The only information he knows is that Francis's father was John Convery and that he was born in Northern Ireland in 1833.  I have found the gravesite where my great grandfather Francis and great great grandfather John are buried (Farmersville, Illinois, USA).  In my research through US Census's, I have found that John Convery (born 1833) immigrated to the USA from Ireland around 1854 when he was around 21 years old. 

Okay, so here is what I am wondering if you can help me with...No one know if my great great grandfather John Convery immigrated to the US alone or with family.  I would like to find out any information at all about John Convery's family.  His parents names?  Did they stay in Ireland?  Did John have sister's brothers?  Did they stay in Ireland, etc.  My grandfather told me he thinks he remembers someone telling him when he was a lot younger that his grandfather John had a sister named Belle and a sister named Marie that lived in the US but he is not certain and I can not find any records of them around that time frame.

I also know that my great great grandfather John Convery married in 1883 to Mary Gorman.  Mary Gorman immigrated to the US in 1881 and she was born in 1860 (so John was 27 years older than her).  John and Mary had 4 children:  Mary (born 1885; died 1952), John J (born 1887; died 1908), Francis (born 1889;died 1919 and was my Grandfather's Father), and Paul (Born 1898; died 1975).

Oh, and my grandfather had written down that John Convery (his grandfather) was born in Ireland in a town called Maherock 7 miles from Londonderry.  I have looked and I do not find any towns called Maherock, so I am assuming he was born in Maghera?

If there is any information at all that you can help provide or a place you can point me to, I would appreciate it greatly.  If you have no information, that is okay as well.  If you need more information from me, I'd be very happy to provide it.
I hope you don't mind this long email and request.

Thank you so much
Jeffrey Convery



01 August 2007
Do you know of, or, could you direct me to where I could find a map of pre 1900 Dreenan with as much residential/property markings as possible?
Bob McTague


02 July 2007
Hi I contacted you a while ago regarding a message from Selina Kearney dated,18th November 2006.
Although I did not receive a reply when I  emailed you ( my laptop was on the blink at the time) So I thought I'd try again.
I have recently spoken to the Kearneys and they asked if you would pass on thier address to Selina.
Chris McKeefry


23 June 2007
I think this site is wonderful! How great to have all this recorded. I am looking for Henry O'Neill, born 1761 in Ballynascreen. It is in county Derry (anywhere close to Dreenan?) There was a Henry O'Neill on the 1831 Dreenan Census. He had three males and seven females living with him. My Henry had sons Peter-1814, Felix-1821 and Matthew.
I know Peter was married in Pennsylvania USA about 1854. He was my gggrandfather. If you know anything I'd be thrilled to find him in Ireland. Thank you
Peggy O'Neill Austin


20 June 2007
My husband is related to the William (Bill) Kearney, mentioned in "Selina Kearneys" e-mail.
If she would like to get in touch either herself or via you we can give her the address of her Aunt and Uncle. Cassie Kearney and Johnny Kearney living in the homeplace where William (Bill)Kearney lived.
Chris McKeefry


12 June 2007
I have found your website very informative and an aid to researching my ancestors Nicholas Scullion and Alice (O'Neill) Scullion who were married at Lavey RC 1853. I understand some of the family resided in Eden untal 1940's. There were 3 or 4 children, Eugene?, James, Owen and Helen. Arthur Cassidy and Rosie O'Neill were witnesses at the marriage.
Christina Lyons


12 June 2007
I am looking for information on my great-grandmother Elizabeth McPeak(e). It is believed she was born in 1897 and her father's name was Patrick. She had a sister named Margaret. The children were orphaned at a young age and the girls were sent to an orphanage (location unknown). Elizabeth came to Canada in 1911 as a travel companion for a wealthy woman. She was abandoned by the woman upon their arrival in Montreal. I have no other information to go on? Any suggestions?
Holly Carroll


30 May 2007
My ancestor Stafford Downing came to Australia from Co.Derry in 1859 (sailed from England). Immigration states he was 24. On his marriage in 1868 he claimed to be 28 years of age and the son of Alexander (a farmer) and Mary Downing. This places his birth 1835-1840. I have been unable to find exact details of my Stafford Downing or his parents but am aware there were a few Stafford Downing's in the Dreenan area, as well as an Alexander Downing. My Stafford named his children Mary Jane, Elizabeth, Stafford, Sarah, Catherine, Annie, Alexander, Hester, Florence, Ethel, Richard & Mabel. There was also a William Downing (an engineer) in the same gold mining town in Australia at the same time as my ancestor but I have no details on him and don't know if they are related. If anyone has any information on my Stafford or his parents, please can you help.
Jodi Fuller


07 May 2007
Just to let your readers know that Micheal Boyle (Mickey)a former student of Dreenan School will be giving a paper to the Canadian Association of Irish studies in St John's Newfoundland this June 2007.His talk is 'The role of sport in a divided society like Northern Ireland."
Micheal is a former Lavey and Tirgarvil GAA player and he played rugby at Rainey School.Also he completed the Belfast and Boston marathons.


30 April 2007
I am trying to trace my Convery relatives back to Ireland. Unfortunately, I don't know where they came from. The family moved to Newcastle upon Tyne in the 1850s. James and his family (wife Mary also born Ireland) are mentioned on the 1851 census. His father Andrew died in Newcastle in 1857 and must have been born c.1800. He also had two brothers born in Ireland but who also moved to Newcastle - Andrew and Thomas. I am descended from Andrew who was born c.1838. He married an Ann McKenna whose father John was also born in Ireland (though she was born in Newcastle). Andrew was a plasterer. Do you have any information about the family?
Susan Convery


02 April 2007
My hubby hubby is the last McIndoe in NI we heard they lived in Derry 1800 plus have you came across the name. Thanking you.
Mrs E McIndoe


19 March 2007
My G Grandfather Hugh Convery was born Glasgow, his father Hugh(2) was born 1852 in the parish of Ballymore, Co. Armagh. Hughs (2) parents were Hugh Convery and Rose M.S.Daly married in Ballymore 1837, Hugh had 2 brothers, Hugh b 1842 who subsequently died, and Charles b 1842.
I don't know if anyone else has any Armagh Converys, but I would love any information as I seem to have come to a halt with this line.
Lynn Pateman


15 March 2007
Hi I'm from Glenboig just past Coatbridge/Lanarkshire, Scotland. My grandfather came from Coatbridge my great grandfather came from Maghera their names were Pat respectfully, my father is called Alex he has 4 brothers and 2 sisters, Pat (deceased), Tommy, Bill, Jim, Mattie nee Findlay, Margaret nee Coleman.
Andy Convery
Hi Andy. Its good to here from other Converys around the world, do you know where in Maghera your g/grand father was from?
Any other Converys out there?


13 March 2007
Many congratulations Mr Convery on a great and informative site. I wish there
were a lot more sites like it, particularly in Ireland. I'm pretty new to
researching my family tree and am hoping that you may be able to get me one
more step down the road. My grandfather Hugh Donnelly came from the parish
of Lavey and was born around 1864.We believe his father was a John Donnelly
who married a Mary Kelly in Lavey in 1859. Would you have any information on
either, births, deaths, children etc.
I glad you found something of interest on the Dreenan website. I have checked my records and found the following.
John and Mary were married in St. Mary's, Lavey, on the May 1859 and are
recorded as living in the townland of Rocktown, Lavey
Baptism records show four children from them.
George b.1860, Mary b.1862, Hugh b.1864 and Margaret b.1868
I have not needed to research  Rocktown and therefore have very little info other than the usual Griffith Valuations, Etc and so I cant help you much more.
A good website to view is the Lavey Chapel and graveyards site www.lmi.utvinternet.com
Please do contact me from time to time with updates on your progress as I do
like info on other townlands in the parish not only Dreenan.
Hi William
Very many thanks for your quick and detailed response. Its terrific to get specifics and I'm very grateful for the data sent but like the old adage as soon as you get one piece of the jigsaw you need to get more. Can I get access myself to some records on-line to establish when John Donnelly was born and perhaps his death record also and the same for Mary Kelly. To establish birth dates for George, Mary Hugh and Margaret is terrific but I also have note of a  5th child James...can i search records for him.?
If it isn't possible to search online my brother and I are hoping to visit Lavey sometime late March early April and if you would be interested in meeting up that would be great.
In the meantime I'll contact James McGuiggan and keep researching.
Looking forward to hearing from you
Firstly where are you from? Online records are “few and far between” and even if you pay for them with someone like “ancestery.com” you will find Irish catholic records lacking, due greatly to the conflict in Ireland during 1630-1830 an the later conflict in Europe.
(Lavey parish records only began around 1833 and are incomplete in the early years until it became law to keep records in around the 1860s). If you live in Ireland you can access all these records in Belfast or Dublin but only in person.

14 February 2007
Have u any info on Bernard McPeake born about 1845 at Swatragh, parents Bernard Mc Peake and Nancy or Anne O'Kane. Thank you
Alison Penman
I have no in-depth info on the Swatragh district of Derry, its far beyond my area of research, but maybe someone reading this will have.


11 February 2007
How can I get the 1911 census for Derry online? Ta
G. Warnaby
Here is the free link to the 1911 and 1901 Census of Ireland, as of 2010.


29 January 2007
John Mulholland born circa 1857 died 1941 aged 84.
The above person was my grandfather. I do not know exactly where he came from but we know it was below  Maghera, Culnady, Lavey or in that area. He had a  brother Joseph who was best man at his wedding in 1894 in Glen parish to Rose Convery. Another brother emigrated to New Zealand but we do not know his name and he stayed there. John spent some time in America before his wedding; came home and bought a farm in Tirnoney where he lived until his death.  His wife came from Ballyknock .He may have only had one brother.
This is all I know about him. Could you please help me
 Rosemary  Mackin
 P.S. I have a photograph of him taken in Chicago.


25 January 2007
Just an observation on 1830 map. I have always felt growing up that Carrick and Curdian were separate townlands from Dreenan. Have a look at this map. Very interesting. Great web site and I check it out now and again. 
Micheal Boyle.

*Hello Micheal, Carrick and Curdian are only areas within the townland of Dreenan like Lowertown, The Island, etc

Thanks for the update. Dreenan is an amazingly large townland in Lavey parish and borders on eight other townlands. The Dreenan school catchment area includes Carrick and Curdian and of course Drummuck.
(Dreenan the largest ????? or Mayogall, Drumard - even Drummuck.)
I have not forgotten to have a few stories etc for you. But I am trying to get a web site for my work -Yes Boyle Tours. I have an walking tour each summer. Any info on the Irish language in Dreenan area. Let me know.
Micheal Boyle

21 January 2007
Hello there and thank you for your lovely website. I discovered through the Lavey parish website that my great-grandparents Patrick Mellan and Bridget Convery married there in 1856. They had two daughters baptised there, Elleanor and Mary Anne, before moving to Tyneside in the 1860's. The Derry Genealogical centre has been unable to supply me with any details of the birth or family of Bridget and I was wondering if by any chance you have any knowledge of Bridget in your own family tree.
  I also see from your message board that you mention Keenans locally. My other great grandparents were Michael Keenan and Jane Cuskern. I am fairly certain they must have arrived in Bill Quay from South Derry but I have been unable to trace them.
Thank you so much for any help you can give.
Victoria Jones.
Parish records lists for a Bridget Convery marriage recorded to Patrick Mellon married 10th Nov 1856.

I have in my own records a Biddy (Bridget) Convery who was a sister of
my G/Grand father Patrick Convery, I have not been able to find out any more details on her. Interesting to note the above Patrick was also married in Lavey in 1856. Have you any more details?
William Convery
Thanks. yes - Patrick and Bridget, married on November 10th 1856 in Lavey, are my great-grandparents. You may or may not know that their marriage was also recorded at Greenlough, suggesting that one or other of them was from that parish. Their witnesses were Patrick Higgins and Neil Mellon so no clues there for you. If you do think Bridget is your father's sister I can send you my family information. I have not traced a death certificate for Bridget but her age on the census returns leads us to believe she was born 1835-40. Her nephew Frances Convery was recorded as living with the Mellans in Bill Quay in 1861.

Patrick and Bridget's children include a Cornelius as well as more usual Irish names so that also may be a clue. let me know if you think Bridget is your GGF's sister and I'll send you what I have.
Further to my earlier e-mail, I should have mentioned that My great-grandmother, Bridget, is named as Biddy at the baptism of her first daughter at Lavey.


12 January 2007
I am looking for long lost relatives, for records and anything about my late grandmother, her maiden name was Katherine Convery who originally grew up in the Convery Homestead that had been in the family for 400 years. The homestead was located in the small town of Maghera in the County of Derry in Northern Ireland. Her parents were Matilda (Porter) Convery & Michael Convery.
Her many siblings names were;
James Convery, Mary Frances Convery , Alice Convery , Michael Convery, Joseph Convery , Anna Convery , Elizabeth Convery ,Peter Convery, John Convery , Francis Convery, Matilda Convery.
You can respond to my email address. Thanks.
Michael Peterson


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