The Convery Crest

The Converys of Dreenan

Convery Crest

By William Convery


Pic of Joseph A Garrity

Joseph. A. Garrity married  Susan Convery
on the 24 May  1898
in Temple Hill, Jones County, Iowa.

Susan Convery of Dreenan


Born Aug 1855 in Temple Hill,
Jones Co. IA.
Son of Michael L Garrity and Mary Cox
from West Meath, Ireland.
Joseph died 10th Mar 1907


Born 10 June 1868 in Dreenan, Ireland.
and from the "Meal Man Convery" family,
Susan died 12th June 1943
Aged 75


Their 4 known children

Aloysius Garrity
b. 1899 (Iowa)
d. 1950

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Loretta Jane Garrity
b. 1900 (Iowa)

William  Donovan
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Francis Garrity
b. 1902 (Iowa)
d. 1969

Ada Hewitt
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  Mary Zita
b. 1904  (Iowa)
d. 1980   (Colin's Co. Texas)

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