The townland of Dreenan nestles in the east of the modern day parish of Lavey (Maghera), here is just a brief glimpse of it

Dreenan is the largest townland in Lavey at over 1426 acres, stretching to
Curdian and Eden in the north, West to Drummuck and Mayogall, to the south is Upper Ballymacpeake and on its east side it neighbours the parish of Greenlough.  
Lavey is made up of the old parish of Termoneeny and part of the old parish of Maghera

The name Dreenan has been recorded as meaning


  "The place of the Blackthorn" or "little Blackthorn".

Blackthorn being a bush popular in the area at the time and still is at present.


Although not yet completed A Walk through Dreenan describes the houses and homes you would have come upon as you travel through the townland in bygone years. It tries to include those who lived there in the past.

There are a few books that record life in the townland over the years, one being The Ordnance Surveys Memoirs

Dreenan over 150 years ago


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